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How to Make a Discord Bot Without Coding

Building a Discord bot from scratch is quite hard! With this guide we'll show you in a few easy steps how to create a discord bot without knowing how to code a single line of code!

Anyone who manages a Discord server will tell you that it can be time consuming and a difficult undertaking to manage all on your own, or even with a team of community leaders behind you. When you are busy nurturing a thriving community, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is dealing with the hassles of moderation, having to perform manual processes for simple tasks, or learn how to code from the ground up just to create and develop the latest tools and bots that other Discord communities incorporate into their own servers.


At BotDisco, we believe you shouldn’t need a background in programming just to add a fun, practical, or necessary automation tool to your server, so we aimed to solve this by creating an easy and straightforward way to create your own Discord bots without needing to consult a team of geeks about it. In this guide, we will help you build your first Discord Bot in a fast and easy way so let's get started together.

Step 1: Log into the Discord Developer Section of Discord

The first step necessary to get started for creating any Discord bot is to create an application over at Discord Developers. You will need to create an account with them if you have not done so already. Once you are signed into Discord Developers, click on the New Applications button to create a new application under your developer account.

Add Discord Bot

Once you click on New Applications, this will bring up a prompt asking you to name this new application. This will be the name of your Discord Bot so give it any name you wish. This application name will also be the displayed username of this bot so make sure that it is relevant to what you plan on utilizing the Discord bot for.


You also have the option of setting this bot to private if you wish. Setting a Discord bot to private means that only your Discord account will be able to invite your bot over to any server you wish to have it connected to, so please keep note of this depending on your use case.

Step 2: Get your Discord Bot Code

Once you have created your Discord application, you are ready to grab your Bot’s token and connect it to BotDisco! To do this, all you need to do is navigate over to where you created this new Bot and then click the Copy button next to where you would set the profile picture of your bot.

Copy Discord Bot Token

Step 3: Sign up for BotDisco

Once you have created your Discord application, you are ready to get started with BotDisco! To create your account, all you need to do is navigate over to, and hit the “Sign Up” option at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Add Your Bot To BotDisco

Once you have your bot token copied, all you need to do is link this bot token to your BotDisco account.

Add Bot Token

Once you input your bot token, you will be asked to sign into your Discord Developer account to verify your identity. Once you have verified your Discord account you are all set and should be greeted to a success screen as seen below.

Success Synced Bot

Step 5: Configure your Discord bot triggers

Once you have successfully connected your Discord bot to your DiscoBot account you are ready to configure it’s actions! After inputting your bots token, you will be greeted to DiscoBot’s platform as seen below.

Platform Shot.png

Once here, you can add some predefined triggers to your bot by clicking on the + icon next to the Event Trigger.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.36.20 AM.png

A popular feature of Discord Bots is the ability to perform actions when you enter a Slash Command into the chat field of a server to perform a certain type of trigger. To create a custom slash command, all you need to do is click on the Create your own slash command button under the predefined event trigger section.

Create Your Own Slash Commands

Another feature of Discord Bots is to detect when a certain keyword is utilized in a server and perform some type of action in response to said keyword being utilized. To add a custom word trigger to your Discord bot, simply click on the Create your own custom word button under the custom slash command section.

Create Custom Word

Step 6: Configure your Discord bot actions

Once you have selected the trigger you want your Discord Bot to listen for, you are ready to configure what actions occur after a trigger!


Just like in real life, an action occurs after something triggers it. Say for example you wanted to greet every new user who joined your server with a direct message, you can add a trigger to your bot that If a new user joins the channel, Then have your bot send over a specific message to that user.

To configure the actions after a trigger, all you need to do is click on the + Add Action button under the trigger you have just added.

Add Trigger

And configure what type of action you wish to be performed when this trigger is activated.

Select Discord Actions

Step 7: Publish Your Discord bot

Once published, your Discord Bot is ready to go! All you need to do is invite your newly created bot to the Discord server you wish it to exist upon and let it do it’s thing based upon your configuration!

Example of No-Code Discord Bots You Can Make

With Discord Bot’s the possibilities are endless as to what you can utilize them for. The primary use case of Discord Bot’s within a large number of communities is to aid in the process of moderation. As servers grow larger and more and more activity occurs per minute/hour/day, the job of making sure that everyone is following the rules set for the community can be a challenge, since even with a large team of moderators/admin’s who are active in the community on a normal basis, it’s not possible to pick up on everything. Some examples of utilizing a Discord Bot for moderation can be found below.


  • If a Discord user posts a forbidden link, then have your Discord Bot delete the message and warn the User

  • If a Discord User types out a word that is forbidden within your server, then have your Discord Bot delete the message and warn the user of the infraction.

  • If a Discord User posts an image in a server channel without adding a spoiler tag to it, then remove the post from the channel.

  • If a new user joins the channel, then send them a welcome message and assign them a role.

  • If a new user joins who is on a list of banned members, then kick this member from the server and send a message to them explaining why they were kicked.

Another popular use case of Discord Bots is simply for entertainment. With Discord primarily being a gaming focused messaging service, you can utilize Discord Bots for a variety of engagement driven activities for your community members to play around with. Some examples of this can be found below.

  • If a user mentions a certain keyword within a message, then post a message or image as a reply to that keyword. (I.E: If a user types out POG in chat, have your discord bot reply with the Pog emoji)

  • If a user mentions a meme, then have your bot reply back with an image of that meme.

  • If it is 8:00am on the server, then have your Discord Bot type out a Good Morning message in the main channel.

  • If a user types out a specific keyword, then have your Discord Bot provide various statistics on the server it’s under.

  • If a user types out the word /Poll, then have your Discord Bot post a poll for other users of the channel to vote on.


The primary limitation of what a Discord bot can do is up to your imagination, so feel free to play around with ideas!

Build Discord Bots Without Coding

Build simple or complex Discord bots to bring your server to new heights. BotDisco allows you to create automatic a blocks to automate virtually any task in Discord.

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